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Founed in 2002 by Beau barnett, nick Coucher & Mark pattie Oceanic studios stated life bringing the epyx c64 back catalog to the gameboy advance via publisher ironstone partners

oceanic spent the next decade creating bespoke software for various platforms including game boy advance, Kyocera and nokia.

The advent of smarthphone gaming in the 2000's allowed oceanic studios to embarked on developing and self publishing various games and apps for ios and android

2011 saw the reemergence of virtual reality with the release of the oculus dk1 from oculus. oceanic saw the future and pivoted to vr and is now a leader in the development of vr software and hardware

Impossible Mission - Game Boy Advance
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in 2014 oceanic studios created it's sister company oceanic health to deliver cutting edge virtual reality solutions to the aged care and health markets

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