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Virtual Reality Firefighting Training Simulator (VRFTS)  CFA-2019-0076


The carry case has  internal dimensions of 75.2 x 39.4 x 23.8 cm.


This case has a lid depth of 5.1 cm and a base depth of 18.7 cm and weighs just 8 kg.

With six training units and accessories the total weight is 14.85 kg.


Odysee takes minutes to setup and deploy and requires no external power or external tracking setups.

Each trainee/trainer requires 3 feet or more for freedom of movement for arms and legs - Larger area's are accommodated up to 20 feet square.

Utilizing A portable All In One VR headset that tracks from the inside out, allows communication to other trainees via voice and 5 finger dexterity to grip and manipulate objects.  


The Odysee platform allows trainers to on board trainees from inside virtual Reality, set the Virtual boundaries, assess, run and complete training modules and upload results. 

Please note that CFA LMS data flow, data sets and data capture  still needs to be established post EOI for a true indication of setup and deployment times.

Stay Connected

 The Odysee Puk provides 4G+ internet access and a secure connection via Odysee to our secure Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.


The Puk can also be connected to via a tablet to on board users, record outcomes and request support and view instructions and FAQ's.

Fully Charged

 Each headset runs for approximently 2 hours - Additional battery packs are supplied to prolong ot rewcharge the headsets.

A charger built into the carry case can be connected to an external power source to charge the batteries, headsets and the Odysee Puk.


The trainer can control the scenarios with a trainee console that allows the pausing, restarting and manipulation of the scenario using real word controls within VR.


An example of this is if the trainee wish’s to increase the intensity of the scrub fire or the wind direction to alter the fire’s path they can do so by adjusting a “Fire Intensity Dial” or “Wind Direction Dial” “Wind Speed Dial “ within the VR construct itself.  


Additional Scenarios for the VRFTS and be developed, deployed and managed via Oceanic Odysee

An example includes the following :

Jaws of Life

Additional Fire Extinguisher Training

hydraulic rescue tool 3d model - Google


English is the native language with support for additional languages as required.

Using pictographs and real world design visual cues are delivered not just by text but by context.

Hand tracking support arrives 2020 and allows for sign language and gesture based communication.

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